Jacob VIzel - Land Rover Discovery facelift once again

Land Rover Discovery facelift once again

The current Land Rover Discovery exists almost 10 years on the market, claims Jacob Vizel according to the latest news. This aged British SUV threw a new makeup on in order to rejuvenate itself, and bring some profit to its producers. Furthermore, Discovery underwent just the visual changes, but technical parts remained unchanged.

The Land Rover SUV went step further with the arrival of new Range Rover and its Sport variant. So, Discovery decided to make the same step. The new headlights and “Discovery” sign instead of “Land Rover,” are some of the most obvious changes on the front of the hood. In this crossover, you will not come across to the model name, because it’s been transferred to the side door beneath the mirror.

Jacob Vizel - Nissan GT-R Nismo

Nissan GT-R Nismo goes from 0 to 60 mph in just two seconds!

There is no need to waste words when it comes to Nissan GT-R, states Jacob Vizel. This relatively cheap sports car probably is on the wish list of every car lover. Its latest version comes from standing point to 60 mph in short 2.7 seconds, but this figure will soon be a thing of the past because the GT-R Nismo reaches that velocity in just two seconds.

The latest version of Nissan GT-R sports car will make its premiere later this year on Tokyo Motor Show. GT-R Nismo, which we’ll see in November, should be something very special with its 570 bhp under the hood. This additional power will not be the only new thing that will come with GT-R Nismo. Some other features on the car will help it reach 60 mph faster than the current world record holder Bugatti Veyron Super Sport which develops that speed in just 2.5 seconds.

Jacob Vizel - Peugeot RCZ R will be presented at Goodwood

Peugeot RCZ R will be presented at Goodwood

Jacob Vizel says that the upcoming weekend is reserved for many car brands. The Goodwood Festival of Speed will gather the auto cream ​​in one place. Peugeot extensively prepared for this year’s Goodwood, and presented the RCZ R studies. The most brutal Peugeot will have its premiere tomorrow. We do not have to wait that, thanks to the first official photos of the coupes that were revealed in ​​public before the world premiere in England. The RCZ R model has minimal differences from the study revealed last year.

Moreover, the RCZ R received a more powerful 1.6-liter turbo engine with 264 hp, but also, limited slip differential, sport suspension, larger wheels and Peugeot –tires, and a different interior of the coupe, which is now equipped with sport seats in Alcantara with red stitching.

Citroën is also presenting the new DS3 Cabrio Racing at Goodwood

Citroën, the other part of the PSA Group, will also bring something new at this year’s Goodwood along with Peugeot. The brand will present the DS3 Cabrio Racing model there – combination of recently convertible and sports car with DS badge.

The Citroën’s combination of sporty DS3 Racing model and DS3 convertible will be powered by a 1.6-liter gasoline, like the new Peugeot 208 GTi. In addition, the new DS3 Racing got 25 kg extra, visual modifications, new 19-inch wheels, new sports seats and polished interior. You can find out all the features of the new Citroen DS3 Cabrio Racing on the official site of this brand.

Kia’s new Soul model

In addition, Kia Soul model is similar to a crossover. So, Kia’s designers did not have hard times envisioning the new Soul. Furthermore, the Soul crossover will have bigger wheels and tires, all-wheel drive, higher suspension, roof rails, massive bumpers, and new flooring. This model will probably use 2.0-liter gasoline engine with 166 hp and 205 Nm of spinning. Kia Soul GDI will probably have a six-speed manual gearbox. Click here to find out more.

Jacob Vizel - The new Nissan Terrano

The new Nissan Terrano

Jacob Vizel says that, not so long ago, started to circulate some stories about Dacia Duster. In fact, Dacia Duster supposed to serve as the basis for the new Terrano. These days, the rumors were officially confirmed. Nissan Terrano is back again. The small Nissan crossover had several different names on the global market. Dacia Duster that Nissan stopped producing in 2006 is now coming back as a Nissan Terrano.

Dacia Duster will soon carry the Nissan badge and the name Terrano. The official sketches of the Japanese brand revealed this novelty. This Duster will not only get a new face, but also a different engine and a higher price. Firstly, Terrano will start with the Indian market. After India, they will probably want to take over the rest of the world, but there is no official confirmation yet. Nissan Terrano will be powered by the same engine as Dacia Duster. This engine can easily be upgraded with another Renault and Nissan engine.

Ford Mustang in the upcoming Need for Speed movie

The video game Need for Speed soon gets its first movie. Dreamworks Studios and the creators of this game Electronic Arts will film the most popular video games ever. We also had the opportunity to discover that the film will present cars like McLaren P1, Bugatti Veyron and Koenigsegg Agera, but the cars will be replicas. Only the Mustang, which has the leading role, is not a replica. Moreover, Ford created the model for this special occasion.

Ford Mustang is the main star of the upcoming hit Need for Speed. This movie hit is scheduled for the next year. The Mustang runs on V8 Shelby GT500, and with this engine the car got also some new elements 22-inch alloy wheels, larger air intakes and two holes. In the next Need for Speed ​​movie will also appear the model F-450, i.e. “The Beast.”  Click here to find out more.


Jacob Vizel - Chevrolet updated the new Malibu

Chevrolet updated the new Malibu

The last generation of  Chevrolet Malibu was placed on the market last year, says Jacob Vizel. This car did not turned out like the Americans had expected, so they have made some slight modifications. The visual modifications on the engine and the comfort of the cab were made by Chevrolet.

Although, the release of the eighth generation of Malibu was relatively close, Chevrolet made a more sophisticated model. The new “new” Malibu got a different front grille that gives him a much more serious and aggressive look, and the back lights were also renewed, they had removed some strange white segments on the lower parts and had replaced them with white squares in the center.

Chevrolet has also changed the interior design of the car. The seats have been totally redesigned with some new different materials; they have more space for the knees in the back to 31.7 mm. The central tunnel had also been improved; actually, he now gives bigger armrest and larger compartment for two bottles.

Furthermore, Chevrolet changed the suspension, the brakes system, the security package etc. Its 2.0-liter turbo engine increases the spinning for 14%, therefore, its 400 Nm now provide him higher acceleration and apparently, higher powering. This 2.5-liter engine is now paired with a start / stop system and automatic transmitter.

Kia GT Pro_Cee’d will soon become convertible?

In addition, Kia visualized for some time a convertible with sports performances. This car was announced back in 2007, with the study of Ex_cee’d. The management started to elaborate this idea, and six years later, they released sketches of similar cars based on the new Kia GT Pro_Cee’d.

Kia has explained that its new GT models planned to strike hard on the field that holds Golf GTI. Although, there is no official opinion about the arrival of the new convertible Pro_Cee’da GT, its sketches appeared on the web last weekend. This three-door convertible with four seats and a canvas roof would certainly be attractive to the customers, especially in GT variant that Kia has recently offered, adds Vizel.

Jacob Vizel - Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo 6 arrives at the end of this year

Fans of video games with automotive topics are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the latest sequel of the popular Gran Tourism division, says Jacob Vizel. The driving simulation which for more than 15 years is a part of every gamer selection so far has been sold in more than 70 million copies. That number will soon be exceeded, especially when to the markets come Gran Turismo 6 of whose announcement we bring you today.

On the 15th of May, Gran Turismo reached his 15 years of existence. To honor this occasion, on Silverstone was held a Gran Tourismo event, while in the same time was presented the first announcement for a new installment of the series that is coming by the end of November. The creator of the game, Polyphony and Sony, just released the first video teaser of the forthcoming Gran Turismo 6. Along with that to the public were released and screenshots of the new sequel that that give an insight into a part of the fleet with which players will dispose. And they will be offered 1,200 cars able to be driven at 33 different locations – more than enough for Gran Turismo 6 to engage you in the next few months.

It certainly does not end here because, like with the previous editions, Polyphony and Sony will offer DLC packages with new locations and cars. Other than the new car Gran Turismo 6 brings simplified game interface and a much faster loading of the desired settings. The good news is that the Gran Turismo 6 will arrive before the new Playstation 4, which means that owners of PS3 consoles will be able to enjoy this game, adds Mr. Vizel.

Jacob Vizel - Audi A4

Jacob Vizel – Review

So I stand in front of a parked dark green “Audi 4″. I’m not a guy who is so easy to be impressed, so not a single one tin can (no matter how good a shape) cannot cause more than a normal reaction to raise my right eyebrow. But this time I must admit that I lost my breath, says Jacob Vizel. Beautiful curvy sophisticated lines, a beautiful catty shape of the headlights, the minimum amount of detail on a smooth surface, shiny metal, and the details are brought to perfection. The sales man threw me the keys, and I like a little child who has just received the biggest and best toy in the world, stared blankly at the keys. I? I can? I mean, this … I cannot drive the car … just to listen how the engine purrs.
But, you say, he could choose a better model, a bit more sporty monster, something exotic, and yet I must admit that the Audi models from 80 are very close to my heart, so it is logical to continue on A4. Perhaps to people more important are the practical details, like the number of cylinders and how much maximum can ‘pull’. However, given the predominantly male population that reads this column.  I do not want you to feel deprived. I’ll be back for a moment in which will gracefully open the door and sit in the driver’s seat.
jacob vizel

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